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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Nov 2, 2020

Tom Terwilliger and Joey Fulco return to the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast in Part One of their interview to reminisce about training at hardcore bodybuilding gyms as teenagers. Tom and Joey talk about competing in the 1970 teenage bodybuilding competitions, being mentored by legends such as Steve Michalik and Tony Pandolfo and what drove them to be champions.

Time Stamps:

02:49 - Bill Pearl celebrates his 90th birthday

04:15 - Sean Connery passes away

06:00 - Emails about last week's show

17:55 - Start of Tom Terwilliger - Joey Fulco interview

21:21 - Training at hardcore gyms at only 16 years old

32:24 - Steve Michalik's crazy training methods

40:34 - Bodybuilder's relationship with their fathers

54:15 - Tom's decision to stop competing in bodybuilding as a teen

1:05:00 - Steroids effects on personalities

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