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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Oct 12, 2020

Ed Connors, former owner of the original Gold's Gym in Venice, California, reunites with his old friend Mel Chancey, former leader of the Hell's Angels in Chicago, in Part One of their interview for the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast. Ed and Mel talk about the intense training atmosphere at Gold's Gym during the 1990's, meeting and training with Mike Matarazzo, Mel's friendship with Hulk Hogan and his appearances on HBO's TV show "Oz".

Time Stamps:

04:27 - Update on the Fall Fitness Challenge

05:50 - Emails on Dan Morrow Episode

10:02 - Interview with Ed Connors and Mel Chancey

15:12 - Training at Gold's Gym in the 1990's

29:30 - John Cena's early days at Gold's Gym

31:56 - Remembering Mike Matarazzo

35:12 - The first time Ed Connors met Mel

41:30 - Greg Kovacs and Jeep Swenson

46:34 - Hanging out with Mike Matarazzo

50:45 - When Mel appeared on HBO's "Oz"

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