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Bodybuilding Legends Show

May 18, 2021

Jerry Brainum, Tom Terwilliger and Phil Williams discuss the topic of "Who Looked the Best in the Mandatory Poses" during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding (1960's to the 1980's). In Part Two of the interview, Jerry, Tom, Phil and host John Hansen look at the Rear Double Biceps, the Rear Lat Spread, the Overhead Abdominal Pose and the Most Muscular Pose and make their choices of the bodybuilder who looked best in each pose.

Time Stamps:

0:00 - Beginning of the Podcast

4:10 - Review of the 2021 New York Pro

11:50 - Part Two of the "Who Looked the Best in the Mandatory Poses" interview

12:00 - Who has the Best Overhead Abdominal Pose?

12:46 - John Hnatyschak

13:25 - Thierry Pastel

13:55 - The combination of thick abs and a small waist

15:09 - Developing the obliques during ab training

16:46 - Frank Zane's abs

17:26 - Steve Michalik's small waist

18:13 - The benefits of doing a vacuum pose

21:16 - The vote for Best Abdominal Pose

22:37 - Who had the Best Rear Double Biceps pose?

23:00 - Phil Williams back at the 1988 Chicago Pro

25:28 - What makes up a great Rear Double Biceps pose?

26:26 - The best way to train for back separation and definition

27:20 - The importance of genetics in developing a great back

31:06 - Who had the Best Rear Lat Spread?

32:18 - What makes up a great Rear Lat Spread pose?

32:54 - Franco's great rear lat spread

33:14 - Tony Pearson's lat spread

34:55 - How Momo Benaziza's back inspired Dorian Yates

35:13 - Freddy Ortiz's freaky rear lat spread

36:45 - Samir's Christmas Tree lower back

38:22 - The vote for Best Rear Lat Spread

41:05 - Who Had the Best Most Muscular Pose?

42:00 - Harold Poole's Most Muscular

43:12 - Franco's Most Muscular pose

43:35 - The comparison of Sergio vs. Arnold in the Most Muscular Pose

44:15 - Gary Strydom's freaky most muscular

44:35 - Why did Sergio look so freaky in the Most Muscular pose?

45:58 - Lou Ferrigno made the Most Muscular pose famous

48:00 - The vote for Best Most Muscular Pose

50:44 - The neck of Vic Siepke

53:44 - How would Jeff King have done competing in the IFBB?

55:06 - The potential of Matt Mendenhall

1:01:41 - Bonus Question - Who had the Best Legs in the Golden Era?

1:04:00 - The problem with winning too many trophies

John on RX Muscle - NY Pro Review

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