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Bodybuilding Legends Show

May 10, 2021

Jerry Brainum, Tom Terwilliger and Phil Williams are the guests on the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast to discuss which of the Golden Age Bodybuilders (1960's - 1980's) looks the best in the Mandatory Poses. In Part One of the interview, Jerry, Tom, Phil and John look at the Front Double Biceps, the Front Lat Spread, the Side Chest and the Side Triceps poses and pick their favorite bodybuilder for each pose.

Time Stamps:

4:11 - Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers

4:40 - John reads this week's emails

25:39 - Upcoming contests and events in 2021

26:53 - Start of interview with Jerry Brainum, Tom Terwilliger and Phil Williams, Part One

28:22 - Who had the best Front Double Biceps pose?

30:19 - Did Samir look the best in the Front Double Biceps?

31:47 - Boyer Coe's outstanding arm separation

32:32 - Robby's great Front Double Biceps

34:30 - How did Sergio look in the Front Double Biceps?

36:22 - Lee Haney vs Robby in the Front Double Biceps

36:59 - Phil Hill's freaky physique

40:39 - Vince Taylor's pro career

42:52 - Eduardo Kawak's great physique

45:47 - Mike Mentzer's front double biceps

47:30 - The popularity of the Vacuum Pose

49:22 - The guys vote on the Front Double Biceps Pose

50:52 - Who looked the best in the Front Lat Spread?

51:45 - Brian Buchanan's incredible Front Lat Spread

57:00 - Lee Haney's Front Lat Spread

58:35 - How does Franco rate in the Front Lat Spread?

59:32 - Arnold's Front Lat Spread

59:55 - Sergio Oliva's Front Lat Spread

1:01:53 - The vote for the Best Front Lat Spread

1:04:56 - Who had the Best Side Chest?

1:05:23 - Robby's version of the Side Chest Pose

1:05:55 - Francis Benfatto's Side Chest

1:06:48 - Gary Strydom's Side Chest shot

1:07:24 - Tom Terwilliger's Side Chest and Front Double Biceps pose

1:08:12 - Lou Ferrigno's great physique in the 1980's

1:08:52 - Arnold would shrink in between contests

1:09:24 - Serge Nubret's beautiful physique

1:10:42 - The vote for the Best Side Chest Pose

1:11:52 - Who Had the Best Side Triceps?

1:12:45 - Arnold's Side Triceps Pose

1:13:15 - Samir's cross striations on his triceps

1:13:35 - Bill Pearl's massive triceps

1:14:26 - Rick Valente's freaky triceps

1:15:20 - Makkawy's great Side Triceps pose

1:16:00 - Lee Labrada's Side Triceps

1:16:42 - The Side Triceps Pose was one of Chris Dickerson's best poses

1:17:12 - Zane's aesthetic Side Triceps Pose

1:17:47 - The mechanics of hitting the Side Triceps Pose

1:20:17 - Chuck Sipes impressive physique

1:22:13 - Steve Michalik's suicide

1:26:15 - Can you look your best ever over 50 while being natural?

1:28:40 - Rory Leidelmeyer's Side Tricep Pose

1:30:12 - Moses Maldonado's great physique

1:34:44 - The vote for the Best Side Triceps Pose

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