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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Dec 17, 2018

Phil Williams, one of the most impressive bodybuilders from the 1980's, talks about the strategies he used to win the biggest titles of his career. In Part One of his interview with the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast, Phil talks about what he did to win his first national title, the 1984 NPC USA Championships.

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Time Stamps:

7:10 - John Hansen reads the emails and comments from last week's show with Manuel Perry.

15:00 - John catches up with Phil Williams about his current life in California, training at Gold's Gym in Venice, his recent marriage to his wife Nancy and the upcoming holidays.

29:10 - The best way to train for maximum recuperation. Phil explains how he structured his training routine was the was competing in order to build the most muscle mass possible.

33:28 - Gaining weight leading into the contest. Phil describes how he dieted to win the NPC USA and how he was able to actually gain muscle and weight leading into the contest.

39:40 - Beating future bodybuilding legends. Phil talks about competing against and beating both Lee Labrada and Gary Strydom at the 1984 NPC USA and how he was able to defeat them.

51:09 - The Beast from the East! Phil talks about his friendship with the one and only Benny Podda. Podda would pose so hard onstage that he would make his nose bleed, he squatted over 800 pounds while training with Mike Mentzer and he spent time living in caves. Hear about one of the unique personalities from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding.

58:25 - How the 1980 Bodybuilders used steroids. Phil opens up about how he used steroids to compete in bodybuilding competitions. Phil talks about how the bodybuilders from his era used steroids and how they were afraid to use steroids all year long.


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