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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Jul 26, 2022

The Bodybuilding Legends Podcast continues its celebration of our 5th Anniversary with Part Two of this special episode featuring some of our favorite interviews over the last five years. Included in this episode are clips of interviews with Chris Cormier, Vince Taylor, Samir Bannout, Tim Kimber of Gold's Gym, Mike Katz, Earl Maynard and Danny Padilla. (Time Stamps below).

Time Stamps:

3:20 - Pro Physique Transformation Challenge

4:40 - California Trip

5:20 - Old Bodybuilding Magazines

8:00 - Chris Cormier talks about training with Flex Wheeler and how he almost got into a fight with Mike Tyson

17:10 - Vince Taylor remembers when he met John Brown for the first time

19:15 - Vince Taylor talks about visiting California and competing in his first contest

25:35 - Samir Bannout talks about winning the Mr. Universe in 1979 and competing in his first three Mr. Olympia competitions (1980-1982)

34:20 - Tim Kimber, manager of Gold's Gym in the 1980's, talks about when Hollywood wanted to shoot a television show at Gold's Gym

40:20 - Earl Maynard talks about competing in the NABBA Mr. Universe compared to the IFBB and being on stage with his idol Bill Pearl

54:24 - Mike Katz remembers when Sergio Oliva wanted to compete in the 1970 Mr. America contest and some stories about training with Arnold

1:02:14 - Danny Padilla shares his thoughts about Sergio Oliva

1:07:04 - Danny Padilla talks about losing the 1979 Night of the Champions after scoring a perfect 300 points


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