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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Jul 14, 2021

To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast, host John Hansen shares excerpts from some of his favorite interviews over the last four years.

Included in Part One of the 4th Anniversary Special are interviews with 1982 Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson talking about competing in his first NABBA Mr. Universe in 1970 (17:07), 3x Mr. Olympia Frank Zane talks about competing against Bill Pearl in 1971 (30:32), 1978 Mr. America Tony Pearson talks about when he first moved to California  (37:34), 1990 Arnold Classic Champion Shawn Ray talks about being mentored by John Brown (43:10), 1969 Mr. America and Mr. Universe Boyer Coe talks about when he first met Sergio Oliva and Bill Pearl (50:54), 1985 NPC Nationals champ Phil Williams talks about winning the NPC Nationals, the last time he saw George Turner and getting ready to compete in his first pro show (1:01:57), 8x Mr. Olympia Lee Haney and 1989 Arnold Classic Champ Rich Gaspari talk about training together back in 1984 (1:15:22) and Tom Platz talks about his mental prep to compete in the 1981 Mr. Olympia in the best shape of his life (1:34:12). At the end of the podcast, host John Hansen reads the article "Frank Zane: Portrait of Persistence" by Armand Tanny from the February, 1978 issue of Muscle Builder magazine (1:43:10).

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