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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Apr 2, 2018

Bodybuilding Videographer and Historian Wayne Gallasch joins John at his Tampa, Florida podcast studio to talk about the history of the NABBA Mr. Universe contest from 1976-1981. Wayne and John talk about the surprising wins by the Japanese bodybuilders Shigeru Shigita and Kozo Sudo in 1976 (14:32), Tony Emmott's shocking win over the great Serge Nubret in 1977 (26:21), the exciting comeback of Casey Viator in 1978 (29:53), just how amazing Bertil Fox was during his NABBA Mr. Universe victories (39:29), the period when the IFBB began to dominate NABBA in the 1980's (49:53), Tony Pearson's new and improved physique in 1980 (55:20), John Brown's unique posing style that changed the sport of Bodybuilding (58:38) and Robby Robinson's surprising switch from the IFBB to NABBA in 1981 (1:02:09). Sponsored by Redcon 1, Old School Labs and Florida Alternative Medicine.