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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Jul 4, 2022

1988 NPC USA Champion John DeFendis talks about his amazing comeback after a five year layoff to win the 1988 NPC USA Championships in Las Vegas on Part Two of his interview with the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast. John talks about taking third place in the 1979 AAU Mr. USA at only 20 years old, his many attempted comebacks in the 1980's, the potential of Steve Michalik and his big win at the 1988 NPC USA after a five year layoff. At the end of the podcast, host John Hansen reads the article "Highstakes Gamble" written by Julian Schmidt for the December, 1988 issue of Flex Magazine.


Time Stamps:

2:45 - Happy Birthday to Sergio Oliva and Frank Zane

3:40 - Happy 5th Anniversary to the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast

5:20 - Orlando Europa

7:00 - The Fall Transformation Challenge

8:22 - Emails this week

14:00 - Start of interview with John DeFendis, Part Two

14:30 - 1979 Mr. USA contest

17:43 - John's competitors at the 1988 NPC USA

19:30 - Rory Leidelmeyer and Matt Mendenhall

23:16 - John's attempted comebacks in the '80's

26:00 - Steve Michalik's potential

31:15 - Watching the 1987 Nationals from the audience

34:34 - Bob Gruskin's critique of John's physique

37:48 - Renel Janvier

41:00 - The 1988 NPC USA contest

45:50 - Crazy leg workouts

50:20 - The direction of bodybuilding

58:20 - John Hansen reads the article "Highstakes Gamble" by Julian Schmidt from the December, 1988 issue of Flex Magazine.



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