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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Mar 2, 2022

John Citrone, one of Britain's best bodybuilders, talks about his great career on this episode of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast. John took first place in his class at the prestigious NABBA Mr. Universe from 1966-1969. After retiring from the sport for many years, John made a comeback to competition as a Masters competitor, eventually winning the Masters World Championships 6x and the Masters Mr. Universe contest 5x. Today, at 78 years old, John is still in fantastic shape and he reveals his secrets for longevity and health in bodybuilding.

Time Stamps:

2:05 - The passing of Bostin Lloyd at 29 years old

4:20 - Happy Birthday Jerry Brainum

4:37 - Preview of the Arnold Classic

9:24 - Beginning of interview with John Citrone

10:00 - John talks about how he stays in shape at 78 years old

13:38 - When John started lifting weights at 14 years old

16:30 - How John started competing in bodybuilding contests

18:00 - John's first competition as a teenager

19:27 - When John began competing in the NABBA Mr. Universe contest

21:17 - The judging at the NABBA Mr. Universe

21:45 - When John first met Arnold Schwarzenegger

24:50 - Competing against Arnold in professional division of the NABBA Mr. Universe

26:20 - Beating Freddy Ortiz in the 1968 Mr. Universe

28:50 - Meeting Bill Pearl for the first time

30:50 - Wag Bennett

32:00 - John talks about Rick Wayne's physique

33:55 - When did the bodybuilders in England start using steroids?

36:57 - Why John didn't compete in the Mr. Olympia contest

40:37 - How John started doing his strongman act

44:30 - When John started competing again as a Masters competitor

50:04 - Getting leaner as a masters competitor

55:36 - John's thoughts on the legends of bodybuilding

1:02:44 - John's bad accident doing his strength act

1:14:15 - Host John Hansen reads the chapter about John Citrone from Bill Pearl's Legends of the Iron Game, Vol. 3

1:17:33 - John reads the article "The Wisdom of Gaspari' from the July, 1989 issue of Flex Magazine.


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