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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Jan 21, 2019

Writer Jerry Brainum joins the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast for Part Three of his interview. This week, Jerry and host John Hansen talk about the major events in Bodybuilding in the year 1988. Some of the subjects discussed include -

-Why the 1988 Mr. Olympia was one of the best in the history of the sport.

- What made Lee Haney such a dominant champion during the 1980's.

- Did Lee Labrada deserve to win the 1990 Mr. Olympia over Lee Haney?

- Phil Williams impressive win over Gary Strydom at the 1988 Chicago Pro Show.

- Why diuretics are so dangerous to bodybuilders.

- Which Champion Bodybuilders responded the best to steroids

- Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Lee Haney, who was better at their best?

John also reads a contest report from the May, 1974 issue of Muscle Builder Magazine about the 1973 Mr. Olympia contest.


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