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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Jun 1, 2022

1983 Mr. America and Mr. Universe Jeff King and 1989 Mr. America and Mr. Universe Matt DuFresne are the guests on the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast for Part Two of their interview. On this episode, Jeff and Matt talk more about their bodybuilding careers including traveling around the world doing seminars and exhibitions, Jeff's attempt at competing in the IFBB and their thoughts on getting older. At the end of the Podcast, host John Hansen reads the article "How I trained for the Mr. America and Mr. Universe" written by Jeff King in 1984.

Time Stamps:

1:48 - "Top Gun: Maverick"

3:05 - How many men won the AAU Mr. America and the NABBA Mr. Universe in the same year?

5:40 - Emails for the show

6:30 - Start of interview with Jeff King and Matt DuFresne, Part Two

7:00 - Traveling overseas as a bodybuilder

11:00 - Why Jeff never competed in the IFBB

17:52 - Jeff's influence on future generations of Bodybuilding competitors

19:50 - Chris Aceto

22:52 - Matt's thoughts on becoming a pro

24:25 - Jeff's leg workout routine

28:00 - Getting older

30:56 - Training Partners - friends for life

32:27 - Mike Antorino

35:38 - When Jeff competed in the Teenage Mr. America

37:50 - Tony Pearson and George Turner

43:30 - What Jeff is doing now

47:20 - John Hansen reads the article "How I Trained for the Mr. America and the Mr. Universe" by Jeff King written in 1984.


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