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Bodybuilding Legends Show

May 25, 2022

Two Mr. America and Mr. Universe winners join the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast on this episode. Matt DuFresne, 1989 AAU Mr. America and NABBA Mr. Universe, is interviewed on the podcast along with his friend Jeff King, 1983 AAU Mr. America and NABBA Mr. Universe. In Part One of their interview, Matt and Jeff talk about their early days of training in Massachusetts and competing as teenagers before winning the Mr. America title in their early 20's. At the end of the Podcast, host John Hansen reads the 1983 Mr. America report from the January, 1984 IronMan Magazine.

Time Stamps:

2:00 - The Pro Physique Experience

3:15 - Happy Birthday to my brother Don

6:00 - Ronnie Coleman on the Tonight Show

8:00 - Start of interview with Matt DuFresne and Jeff King

9:20 - Competing in the AAU and the NPC

12:00 - Big Daddy's Gym

18:57 - When Matt started competing

20:30 - Competing against Ken "Flex" Wheeler

21:30 - Jeff's early influences in bodybuilding

27:00 - Meeting famous bodybuilders in person

29:20 - When Matt worked with Bob Gruskin

32:00 - Gruskin's advice to Jeff to compete in the Mr. America

34:55 - The freaks of bodybuilding

37:40 - The love of training vs. winning competitions

39:35 - The night Matt won the Mr. America

41:10 - Bob Gruskin's help at the NABBA Mr. Universe

44:04 - Why Matt quit competing so young

46:20 - What drugs were being used in the 1980's?

48:30 - How Jeff felt winning the Mr. America and the Mr. Universe in the same year

53:00 - Host John Hansen reads the 1983 AAU Mr. America report written by Al Antuk from the January, 1984 issue of IronMan Magazine.


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