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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Apr 6, 2021

John Hansen interviews 1986 AAU Mr. America Glenn Knerr and 1983 AAU Mr. America Short Class winner Larry Bernstein about Bodybuilding in the 1980's. Glenn and Larry both grew up in the Chicago area and they reminisce about competing as teenagers in the late 1970's, how they started bodybuilding

Time Stamps:

04:31 - Emails from last week's show

17:33 - Start of Glenn Knerr and Larry Bernstein interview

21:25 - Glenn talks about his injuries

27:20 - Opening up Hoppie's Gym in Phoenix, Arizona

29:10 - Smoking a joint before working out

30:50 - When gyms had home made equipment

34:40 - Bodybuilding champions who came out of Rockford, Illinois

35:22 - Glenn and Larry talk about competing as teenagers in Chicago

39:08 - Thoughts on Ronnie Coleman still training

42:28 - Larry talks about contracting Covid-19

43:58 - Jeff King's current status

44:50 - Seeing Sergio Oliva in his prime

50:57 - The reason Glenn and Larry starting bodybuilding

57:00 - Competing in their first contest

1:00:42 - John talks about competing in his first contest

1:05:29 - How would have Glenn have done against Lee Haney in the 1979 Teenage Mr. America?

1:07:30 - John reads the article "How I Lost the Mr. Universe (and What It Taught Me)" by Mike Mentzer from the October, 1987 issue of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.

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