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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Feb 27, 2023

To celebrate the upcoming 35th annual Arnold Classic on March 3rd-5th, 2023, the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast looks back at previous interviews done with former Arnold Classic winners including Rich Gaspari (1989), Mike Ashley (1990), Shawn Ray (1991), Vince Taylor (1992) and Mike Francois (1995). All these legendary bodybuilders talk about winning their Arnold Classic titles, the competitors they faced and what the title meant to their careers. At the end of the Podcast, host John Hansen reads an article he wrote for the RXMuscle website called "The First Arnold Classic". (Time Stamps below)

Time Stamps:

5:28 - New Workout Program

9:40 - Emails 

15:15 - Rich Gaspari talks about winning the first Arnold Classic

25:50 - Shawn Ray talks about winning the Arnold Classic and the drug test

33:24 - Mike Ashley talks about his Arnold Classic win

40:38 - Vince Taylor talks about winning the Arnold Classic in 1992

57:30 - Mike Francois talks about his Arnold Classic win in 1995

1:11:11 - John Hansen reads his article "The First Arnold Classic"



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