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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Apr 19, 2021

1990 NPC Nationals Champion Alq Gurley joins the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast to talk about his bodybuilding career. Alq shares how he started training for bodybuilding, his first competitions, his rapid rise to the top of the national amateur scene and his career as a pro bodybuilder during the very competitive 1990's. Alq also talks about the change in bodybuilding towards more size in the '90's and his reason for retiring. At the end of the Podcast, host John Hansen reads a couple of articles from some old IronMan Magazines. The first article, "Belknap Wins Mr. America" by Dave Sauer, appeared in the November, 1981 issue of IronMan Magazine. The second article, "How I Saw The Mr. Olympia and The Top Six Men" by Steven Robinson, appeared in the March, 1982 issue of IronMan.

Time Stamps:

0:03:24 - Upcoming guests on the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast

0:05:20 - Emails from last weeks Podcast

0:10:10 - Start of the Alq Gurley interview

0:12:15 - How Alq got started in bodybuilding

0:16:10 - Alq's genetics for bodybuilding

0:19:02 - Taking second place in his first NPC Nationals

0:22:00 - His thoughts on Franco Santoriello

0:23:15 - How Lonnie Teper helped his career

0:25:43 - Overcoming the drug test for the 1990 NPC Nationals

0:30:20 - Did Shawn Ray's positive drug test at the 1990 Arnold worry him?

0:31:50 - Winning the 1990 World Amateur Championships

0:34:22 - His pro debut at the 1992 IronMan Pro Invitational

0:36:06 - Alq's overall strategy as a pro bodybuilder

0:38:14 - Bodybuilding's preference for more size in the 1990's

0:41:32 - Alq's preferred look for his physique

0:45:10 - When Bodybuilding used to be covered by the Media

0:51:40 - How the general public thinks about bodybuilding today

0:53:11 - The difference between the magazine era and the social media era

0:57:25 - Alq's training philosophy

1:02:25 - Alq's Professional Bodybuilding career

1:07:45 - Alq's thoughts on Flex Wheeler and Paul Dillett

1:10:00 - The injury that caused Alq to retire from bodybuilding

1:18:04 - Alq's standout competitions in his pro career

1:24:40 - John Hansen reads the article "Belknap Wins Mr. America" by Dave Sauer from the November, 1981 issue of IronMan Magazine and "How I Saw the Mr. Olympia and the Top Six Men" by Steven Robinson from the March, 1982 issue of IronMan Magazine.

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