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Bodybuilding Legends Show

Feb 8, 2022

Jerry Brainum, former writer for Muscle & Fitness Magazine and IronMan Magazine, is the guest for this episode of the Bodybuilding Legends Podcast. Jerry and host John Hansen discuss the year 1991 in Bodybuilding. Included in the discussion in Part One is the 1991 IronMan Pro Invitational won by J.J. Marsh, the 1991 Arnold Classic won by Shawn Ray and the 1991 Night of the Champions won by Dorian Yates. At the beginning of the podcast, Jerry and John talk about the recent deaths of Tom Prince, 1997 NPC Nationals winner, and the legendary Marvin Eder who passed away last week at 90 years old.

Time Stamps:

5:20 - Emails from last week's podcast

10:20 - Start of the interview with Jerry Brainum, 1991 Year in Review, Part One

11:35 - Jerry talks about the recent passing of Tom Prince, 1997 NPC Nationals winner

23:14 - Do you have to train heavy to get big?

27:34 - Marvin Eder, bodybuilding legend, passes away at 90 years old

39:20 - The heavy drug use of today's bodybuilders

48:00 - When John first saw Dorian Yates

1:00:52 - Can you train heavy when you get older?

1:06:52 - The 1991 IronMan Pro Invitational

1:14:48 - The 1991 Arnold Classic

1:18:17 - The 1991 Niagara Falls Invitational won by Albert Beckles

1:21:00 - The 1991 Night of the Champions

1:23:20 - How close was the 1991 Mr. Olympia decision?

1:26:56 - Sonny Schmidt

1:30:50 - Sergio Oliva's bigger older brother

1:37:17 - Host John Hansen reads an excerpt from the book Legends of the Iron Game, Vol. 2 about the life of Marvin Eder


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